Certified Programs


Certified Programs

Fully accreditations
Excellent Academic support.
Fast track for knowledge and career.
The tuition fee is only 30% compared to traditional students.


Certified programs offer specialized training and recognized credentials in various fields, providing participants with valuable skills and qualifications for career advancement.

These programs cater to individuals seeking targeted training in specific fields, offering a structured curriculum designed to cultivate expertise and proficiency. Participants undergo rigorous coursework, practical exercises, and assessments, all geared towards mastering essential skills and acquiring industry-recognized certifications.

By successfully completing certified programs, individuals enhance their professional credibility, expand their career opportunities, and position themselves as competent and sought-after professionals in their respective industries.

All Certified programs

At eUniversity Switzerland, we appreciate the excellence of Swiss education, while also recognizing the importance of ensuring learners can pursue their studies without accumulating debt.

Pre University Programs

Preparation for advanced undergraduate studies.

Undergraduate Programs

Foundational education for a first degree

Master Level Programs

Specialize in a particular field and develop expertise.

Doctoral Level Programs

Highest qualification in both professional and academic realms.

Tuition fees for 1 year

CHF 400
  • Payment upon submitting an Application form.

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