TOTUM Student Card

Valid only for accredited

It was previously known as the NUS (National Union of Students) Extra card. TOTUM aims to help students save money and make their budgets stretch further while studying.

PASS Proff of
Age Card

The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) was established to ensure consistency and reliability in verifying individuals’ ages for age-restricted products, services, or activities.

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as UK students

Only for students of London Academy of Sciences & E-University
Only for Accredited and Recognized Courses
TOTUM provides a wide array of discounts on shopping, travel, food, entertainment, technology, and other essential student needs.

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said about us

The BBA program at eUniversity Switzerland equipped me with the skills and knowledge essential for my role as a Marketing Coordinator. The comprehensive curriculum and supportive professors were instrumental in my career growth.
Sarah Johnson,

Marketing Coordinator

My journey through the MBA program at eUniversity Switzerland was a transformative experience. It sharpened my critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills, propelling me to my current role as a Senior Financial Analyst.
John Anderson,

Senior Financial Analyst

Embarking on the DBA of eUniversity Switzerland journey was a defining moment in my career. It has truly transformed my approach to leadership and strategy, propelling me forward in the business world.
David Smith,

Chief Executive Officer