Pre University Programs


Pre-University Programs

Accepts more than 3,000 bachelor programs worldwide.
Could work right after graduating.
Dual degree from Ofqual UK Gov awarding bodies and SIMI Swiss.
For 16-year-old candidates.


Pre-university programs are like a stepping stone for students moving from high school to university. They help students get ready for the challenges of college life by teaching them a variety of subjects. These programs also let students choose some course based on what they’re interested in and what they want to do for work later on.

By mixing different subjects together, pre-university programs help students learn important skills they’ll need in university and in their future jobs. They also offer practical experiences, help with tests, and support with schoolwork to make sure students are ready for university life. 

Overall, pre-university programs are really important because they prepare students for success in university and in their careers.

Undergraduate Programs

Final year and bachelor graduation

Master Level Programs

Postgraduate and master's programs

Doctoral Level Programs

Professional Doctorate & Ph.D

Certified Programs

Professionally Certified to Enhance Career

Tuition fees

CHF 400
  • Payment upon submitting an Application form.
CHF 3,000
  • Payment 3 months after course starts.

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