Top-Up Programs


Top-Up Programs

Faster Path to a Degree
Super Cost-Effective
Advanced Standing with APEL.Q
Globally Recognized Qualifications


Top-up programs of Swiss eUniversity are specialized academic courses designed for students who have already completed a diploma or equivalent qualification and wish to advance their studies to earn a full bachelor’s, master and doctoral degree.

By providing a fast, cost-effective, and flexible pathway, the top-up programs at Swiss eUniversity (SeU) cater to both recent graduates and working professionals seeking to enhance their credentials, gain specialized knowledge, and improve their career prospects.

With global recognition and a focus on advanced topics, these top-up programs offer an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Undergraduate Programs

Final year and bachelor graduation

Master Level Programs

Postgraduate and master's programs

Doctoral Level Programs

Professional Doctorate & Ph.D

Certified Programs

Professionally Certified to Enhance Career

Tuition fees

CHF 400
  • Payment upon submitting an Application form.
CHF 3,000
  • Payment 3 months after course starts.

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