Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Programs

Full accreditations
Yearly diplomas enable immediate employment
Multiple qualifications from SIMI Swiss & Partner Universities
The tuition fee is only 20% compared to traditional students


Undergraduate programs represent the initial academic journey for college or university students as they pursue their first degree. These programs offer a comprehensive introduction to various fields of study, providing students with a solid grounding in diverse subjects and disciplines.

Within undergraduate programs, students delve into areas like mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and specialized topics aligned with their chosen majors. This phase of education serves as a crucial springboard for future academic or professional endeavors, whether that entails pursuing graduate studies or venturing into the workforce.

Beyond academics, undergraduate education fosters personal growth, nurtures intellectual development, and equips students with the knowledge and skills vital for thriving in their chosen career paths.

All Undergraduate Programs

Full Online or Live Classes Mode

The quality and qualifications are equivalent to those of traditional education models.
Pre University Programs

Preparation for advanced undergraduate studies.

Master Level Programs

Postgraduate and master's programs

Doctoral Level Programs

Professional Doctorate & Ph.D

Certified Programs

Professionally Certified to Enhance Career

Tuition Payment Options

"Early Bird policy: reduce $200 for students who pay the application fee 30 days before the date of commencement."

Lump-sum payment

Paid all at once

  • Reduce 200 USD for Master
  • Reduce 500 USD for Doctorate
Multiple Installments

10 times Installments

  • Tuition is 10% higher than the Standard
  • Only for special cases

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