Should You Get An MBA?

For many professionals, getting an MBA seems like the next logical step to advancing their career. The benefits of an MBA are applicable regardless of your industry or area of professional focus. However, some individuals may wonder if it’s worth it to pursue an MBA, given the commitment and expense involved. For those who plan to work in a managerial capacity, with financial institutions, or who have entrepreneurial aspirations, an MBA can help build the leadership skills required to succeed in these arenas.

The Benefits of an MBA

Completing an MBA program demonstrates a commitment to learning, improving, and applying skills that can help a company succeed. Additionally, professionals with MBAs feel a greater sense of confidence in their marketability, as well as the wealth of information they can bring to various endeavors. These are just a few of the advantages of getting an MBA.

1. Greater Awareness of a Global Market

Earning an MBA puts you in close contact with other students from around the world who have different work experiences and perspectives on the global economy. In addition to learning from professors, MBA students can expand their knowledge of other industries abroad.

2. Improving Communication Skills

Effective communication is a fundamental skill required for professionals to succeed. While communication may be considered a “soft skill” compared to “hard skills” such as constructing a P&L model, it’s no less valuable. An MBA can help hone verbal and written communication skills, allowing you to successfully convey concepts to different people at different levels of an organization to ensure everyone is able to work together toward a common goal.

3. Expand Your Professional Network

Earning an MBA makes you part of a global network of nearly 100,000 alumni, giving you access to respected and intelligent professionals you may not have otherwise had a chance to connect with. Beyond being part of a broader community, you’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with other professionals in the classroom and beyond.

4. Increased Job Opportunities

In a highly-competitive job market, an advanced degree can help set an applicant apart from their peers. From energy to consumer products to start-ups, an MBA can be an asset in any industry. Employers typically look to hire or promote a candidate with an MBA because they have skills in marketing and finance that others within the organization may lack. This allows them to hit the ground running with various initiatives and help their company increase profits. 

5. Better Time Management

Earning an MBA requires juggling extracurriculars alongside a challenging course load — not to mention other personal and professional pursuits. Getting an MBA can help you manage your time effectively, which is not only an in-demand skill among employers, but a valuable life skill, as well.

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